Sending messages and pictures to us

If you read this text we probably sent you to a page at our website due to eBay message content limitation or other similar obstacle to normal communication.

For some unwise reason eBay does not allow us (not sure about customers) to include certain words and expressions in our messages sent through their system.

They say it is because email exchange is not allowed.

This is flat out stupid considering eBay has , most of the time, already given us a valid email for the customer along with the order, but mostly because there are gaillion ways for customer and vendor to get in direct contact if they really want to.

So if we use the word "gmail" in a message or any other expression that looks like an email (and usually is an email) eBay just refuses to send the message.

A good reason why we would send an email in direct message to a customer is to advise them to send a picture directly to us as opposed to send it as an attachment to the eBay messaging system.

Why would we ask that?

Because eBay's picture sharing system sizes down attached messages to about 300x200 pixes in which noting useful can practically be seen.

We don't know if they tell the sender this will be done to the image, but we as recipient can assure you most of the time you can't tell anything.

So if you are trying to send us an image either upload it somewhere online and give us a link to it or email it to

or, as an alternative, send to .

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