Repair Service Info

Question: I would like to know if the board I sent you was repaired and if yes then what components were replaced on it.

Answer. We usually can not release detailed information to customers even if we wanted for the simple reason that we do not keep individual notes for each repair.

Note we do not advertise suppying information either.

We advertise flat rate testing and repair service, if tests confirm the board is indeed bad.

One of the reasons we do not keep information for each reapair is that we do not actually need it and book keeping would only slow us down and decrease our efficiency.

We sure keep notes on problems we see on boards as such information helps us for future repairs, but there is no value knowing what was done on a particular board or for particular customer considering it was serviced for flat rate that was accepted upfront.

Second and just as important: we do not actually want to disclose detailed service information to customers for one simple and practical reason: we do not want to educate them.

Significant part of our customers are TV repair shops and repairmen around the country. Beyond doubt some if not most of them would benefit from know what we did to make a board work so they can sabe both time and money. Nothing wrong with that on its own, but it goes against our business interest and while we can't stop people from examining and drawing conclusions we can and will avoid giving it up willingly.

To that extend we sometimes even take measures to mask what was done to a board.

Hope that makes sense.

What we can disclose is this: with some rare exceptions (e.g. if the cost of a repair service is close to the cost of diagnosing the board and the board is known to have a common problem) we do test every board that is being sent before doing anything to it.

If the board is not working we proceed with repair followed by another test , so that we can be certain we have fixed it.

Once we confirm a repair is sucessful we invoice the customer for the advertised amount.

If board was functioning on the very first test then we get back to the customer and communicate the finding and offer, depending on the situation, to send another board or return this one for minimal diagnostic fee.

What this means is that if you've already received an invoice for the advertised repair service amount then your board was tested, found bad, serviced, tested again and found good; it is now packaged (usually) and just awaiting payment to be shipped back.

If there was no additional communication from us that means that we expect that your TV should work right away upon installing the board back. If we had reasons to believe otherwise we'd be in touch because such communications are just as unpleasant on this end as they are on customers' and if they are likely to happen then we better be the ones initiating them.

Yet nobody is guaranteed against additional problems, so please do not rush jumping the gun in the rare casse when installing the returned serviced board doesn't immediately bring the TV back to life!

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