Cancelling repair service order placed on eBay

This page is for eBay customers who have placed an order for repair service, have not sent us a board yet and want to cancel the order.

The most common reason for this situation is customer not being aware in the first place that they ordered a repair service and not a good, which usually happens as a result of them searching for a board on a phone and eBay returning a repair service and customer never reading - or frankly even being shown - the description in the first place.

Whatever the reason, though - knowingly or unknowingly having placed the order and wanting to cancel it - this page is equally valid and should help with cancellation and refund.

The good news is we do not want to keep your money if we are not going to earn it!

We will secure you refund with only one request: we ask that you cover the cost of the USPS notification that was delivered (or may be on its way) to you.

What USPS notification and why do we expect you to pay for it?

About 10% of the repair service orders we get on eBay are placed in error, i.e. with people not aware that they are ordering repairs.

They miss the title, the picture, the listing category, the very first two paragraphs of the listing and (usually) the follow-up message with shipping instrutions and they keep waiting to receive a physical good thinking that's what they ordered because that is what they wanted to order.

In the meantime we, having identified and described the service in pretty much all possible places and ways we can, do one extra thing that we are not ware anyone else on eBay does: we send snail mail with a reminder to send the board for service or set the record straight on what was it that was paid for.

About half of those 10% that pay for repair in error read the notice.

If you are among them then it's a perfect illustration of why we do it.

Either way, the point is we do it with only 5% efficiency, but we are the ones eating the cost of the 95% inefficiency and we only ask the 5% to pay for it as they are the ones who needed it in the first place.

Besides, it's not like we tricked anyone - we advertise very very clearly what is offered and we are willing and  able to deliver exactly what is advertised.

So since you want the order cancelled we simply ask you to cover the associated cost: the USPS postage, which we round up to $3.50 (it may be a little less in some cases and slightly more in others) and $0.40 transaction cost for receiving the money.

Total of $3.90, none of which comes to us - it is split between USPS and PayPal.

If you find this fair we're half way through.

The other half?

You'd think we can just refund whatever you paid to eBay less $3.90, but alas, it doesn't work that way.

As long as there is balance on a transaction eBay charges the vendor a percentage of the total amount paid by the buyer at the time the transaction was executed. It is called Final Value Fee (FVF) and in our case is 10%.

If you had paid $100 and we do not refund you anything eBay will collect 10% of $100  = $10.

If you had paid $100 and we refund you $90 eBay will still collect 10% of $100 from us = $10.

Stupid, eh?

But that's how it is and that's why it makes no sense to withhold $3.90 and refund the rest.

We either have to withhold eBay's 10% as well or just do it differently.

We do not believe you should be paying eBay if you're not receiving value for your money.

Our solution - and proposition - is this:

Send via PayPal $3.90 and include a text with your eBay User Name.

Once we receive notification from PayPal we will find the order from that user name and if we haven't done any work on it yet we'll just cancel it with 100% refund.

We'll break even, eBay will get nothing and you will cover the cost of the USPS notice for which USPS will receive their money and so will PayPal for doing the transfer.

Alternatively you can simply use eBay's "Return item" to return the paper notice you've received to us.
You need to specify "Ordered by mistake" as a reason for return, though, or we will have to cause troubles and delay the refund to set the record straight and avoid unfair charges to us.
We'd end up losing money in this case and probably so will you and/or eBay depending on how it plays out; USPS will benefit for moving paper once in each direction.

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