Can you please tell me the value of capacitor / resistor / IC XYZ?

We often receive requessts for providing reference information for boards we've discussed or offer repair kits or repair services for, for example (real life quote):

Sorry, I was hoping you might be able to assist with some information please? I have a 10+ year old Samsung Plasma TV I am trying to keep going and have done previous successful repairs on the caps but this time it popped I came across a complication. The part that went was one of the ceramic capacitors and it actually blew the packaging, I found one half of the packaging but not the half with the spec on unfortunately. I am struggling to get a copy of a circuit diagram or service manual and Samsung aren't able to assist.

I could see you had one of the boards for sale on your website so I didn't know if I'd be out of order asking if you could tell me the rating of the component please?

Fair enough if you can't but appreciate your time and any support you can give.

TV - Samsung PS50P96FDX/XEU
Power Board - BN44-00175A
Capacitor - CB802

To everyone out there - thank you for your interest...but...your interest is mostly self-oriented.

There is a practically unlimited number of you out there in need for a little help and quite a limited number of us here able to provide that help (if we are able at all) and we must do it at the cost of taking time from what we do to work.

While quite normal and human for someone to politely ask for help we ask that you also realize it is quite normal and human to get upset with receiving ever increasing requests for just a little help and nothing to show for it to our spouses and kids when we set at the table.

We could charge for help, but that comes with another set of problems - are in the information/education/reference business or the repair service business?

Are we actually able to provide the information being asked from us?

How do we price it, provided most people apparently consider it apparently an effortless favor from our end to just spit out off the top of our heads whatever the value is for a certain component (no offense meant)?

Those are not simple questions to answer and in an effort to find a balance we decided to try and turn the tables..

If you want a piece of information from us we ask that you do something for us before you ask something from us. We are do not have a specific requirement on what to do, but here are a few ideas:

  • Make a PayPal donation to sales-at-coppelltvrepair-dot-com (should we make a page for asking question with donation field?)
  • Leave a good review or just a good rating at or Yelp or eBay or Amazon;
  • Leave a posting with reference to on any publc forum or thread such as cnet, badcaps (fairly good place for asking tech questions for free btw, though we are not active there), Facebook, YouTube or any other public media website;

Then simply contact us via , ask your question and include a reference to your act.

Remember, if it's not something we advertise such as product we sell or service we offer we are not obligated let alone guaranteed to be able to help!

But we most certainly will feel obligated to get back to you and help provided you've already done something for us.

We truly hope this is a more fair way to address the issue of facing ever growing requests for help from all over the world.

Thank you for your understanding!

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