Can you fix sound / image / HDMI / whatever probelm on my board?

Question: Can you fix sound / image / HDMI / whatever probelm on my board?

Answer: Most of our repair service offerings do not specify any limits to the failure symptoms or issues of the board we offer repair for.

There may be some (very few) exceptions to that where we target a particular failure only and if so it will be made very very clear in the listing.

We do not say "we offer capacitor replacements for bulging capacitors" or "we offer HDMI chip replacement for non-working HDMI inputs" because the board may have more issues than bulging capacitors and HDMI inputs may not be working for different kinds of reasons.

Instead, we advertise "Repair service for this-and-that-board" , which is meant to cover pretty much any electronic failure, provided it arrives meeting our requirements.

Often times we may be including the most common board failure symptoms in the advertising's title.
This is mostly meant to help the searching and problem identification, i.e. it has to do more with marketing than with information as to what do we offer.

That said, please also note that we do not promise success in any of our repair service listings.

After 10 years in the business we just know better than making promises on the final outcome.

This business is based on failures and never, ever guaranteed against them.

A board may arrive with most trivial and common symptoms that we've done tens or hundreds times before and it may turn out nightmare to repair and we may have to give up on it.

Or a board may come with an issue we haven't seen before and it may take 10 minutes to identify and resolve.

Of course those are not very likely scenarios, but in the course of receiving and servicing hudnreds of boards it is only a matter of time before either happens.

So, back to the question: you will not hear us saying "we can fix that".

We advertise repair service for a certain board because we've spent time reverse engineering it, developing know-how, sourcing parts and having already performed a number of successful repairs.

Feel free to send it in if you believe that and are OK with the terms and conditions in the listing.

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