Buying old duds from customers


I have a [faulty] board XYZ that was left just replaced / given to me / found on the street / something else.

I see you have a trade-in service where you pay $ZZZ for that board to customers who order a good one from you.

Would you be interested in buying my board(s) for the stated price?


We often receive similar questions and you were probably pointed to this text in a response to such question.

First please accept our apologies in case all you got as a response was a simple link to here.

We do not meant to be rude, we just do not have enough resources to everyone the way they would like to. Hot businesses do and TV repair is most definitely not a hot business, so we focus on efficiency instead of customer pampering.

Now to the question! After experimenting with different responses this is the one we've found to be best accepted:

If you are willing to sell your board(s) for its fair market price we believe the best way to do so is to post it on eBay and let buyers bid.

If you go that route our advice is to start low and give it maximum possible time so more people can see it.

As an extra step to maximize selling price you can identify and notify potentially interested buyers although this can be time consuming and not so efficient after all since most professional buyers have watch alerts set and get automatically notified when an item of interest becomes available.

We would normally welcome and appreciate the chance to consider bidding for some of the boards we offer trade back service for.

The top price we would be willing to pay would depend on a number of things , but would rarely be level with the price we show in our buy and trade-back offers.

This is because the buyback price we show in our listings contains not just the value of the board, but also an extra incentive we give people to send the board, because we do want them to send it back so we can repair and sell it again.

In other words, we not only want to buy the board, we want to make it appealing for customers to send the board back and because of that we offer more than what we believe a bad board would fetch on the open market; this is a dynamic value, of course, and there is no guarantee that the values will be reflecting market in every single moment...but we try.

Some people just send us the boards as long as we cover shipping costs. Depending on the board this may be the only option we offer, if we are interested at all.

Given the option some people really do just that. Most do not.

If by chance that is you too just contact us with your address and what do you have and if interested we'll secure you a label.

The one thing we do not want to do - frankly simply do not have resources to - is to negotiate on individual cases.

We respect your decision whatever it might be and we hope you respect our reasoning too.


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