Returns - where is my credit?

Coppell TV Repair LLC offers credit for some of the modules it sells, subject to certain conditions.

Q. "I've sent my old module back to you and I still haven't received my credit back. What gives?!"

A. We process all incoming packages in the order they arrive meaning that boards returned for credit are processed in the same fashion as the boards sent for servicing.

It may take 2-3 business days from arrival to actually opening up the box and processing the board inside - be it for credit or for servicing - which means that you should not expect to see a credit earlier than 2 days from the delivery of your package.

Please use your package's tracking number to see online whether and when it was delivered to our facility and do not bother to call prior to those 2-3 days asking where is your credit!

The simplest way to check is to go to and enter the tracking number, then hit "Search". Google offers you to trace the number and you can follow that link to see the progress.

Half the time people call us while package is still either on the way to us or having just been delivered.

If you call our first question would be for the tracking number for that sole rason - it's the fastest way to know if we should have already processed the return or not.

If you do not have a tracking number there is nothing better to do than wait as we do not have the resource (and frankly, the will) to go through all pending packages only to see if a certain one is among them or not. If it isn't , as happens half the time, customer gets upset and there is nothing neither we nor they can do about it while if there is, we do not handle it with priority and we've lost time we could have been using for processing.

If we have an issue with your return (e.g. if it arrives broken or tampered with or way too late) we would contact you and not wait for you to contact us.

Refund is issued as a credit towards the original payment and NOT as a check.

If payment was made out of a PayPal account funds then the refund becomes instantly available back into the account.

If payment was made with a debit or credit card (even if it was linked to a PayPal account) then it takes 3-4 business days before it shows up on the card's history.

We do not know the reason for this delay, it has something to do with the bank processing procedures.

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