About Us

We specialize in local LCD and plasma TV repairs and nationwide LCD and plasma TV module repairs - power boards, sustain boards, buffer boards, inverters, main boards etc. etc.

  • Our local services cover North Dallas cities like Coppell, Lewisville, Flower Mound, Grapevine, Irving and all others of reasonable proximity to 75019.

    We do not do address calls. In today's economy we believe it is hardly ever justified to do that from the customer standpoint and as such we believe this is a dying market.

    Still, there are exceptions, of course, and we gladly leave those to other companies who want to take advantage of them.

  • Our remote services include help diagnosing and subsequently repairing or helping with replacement of the faulty module or modules in your TV.

    To get started, call us or shoot us an email. Before doing either, please fetch the TV model (found on the label at the back of the TV) and prepare a brief description of the problem you are encountering.

  • We have a store on the web currently hosted by eBay where you can buy some of our repair services and parts that we commonly use in those repairs.

    Using eBay as an online store has pros and cons and one of the pros is that you can get an independent and reliable (as in based on many experiences) review of the quality of our LCD and plasma TV repair services.

  • Another great tool for both evaluating our services and learning a lot about them to the point of possibly embracing a DIY project is our online LCD and plasma TV repair blog discussing everything about plasma and TV repair, from low-level hacking to common plasma sustain failures to funny and less funny experiences with customers.

* LCD and plasma TVs only! *

Please note we specialize in LCD TV repair and plasma TV repair.

We do not service classic tube and projection TVs.

For important and interesting details about each service type please follow the according link at the top right of the page.
Broken display can not be repaired!
People often call asking if we can repair broken LCD or plasma display. We can't. Nobody can.

Only solution is replacement, which usually costs more than a new TV.

Don't take our word for it if you don't want to...try other vendors too!

We service Sony, Samsung, Philips, Sanyo, Magnavox, Insignia, Westinghouse, Viore, Vizio and other LCD and plasma TVs. Visit our eBay store at!

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