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6632L-0448A / 6632L-0449A INVERTER REPAIR KIT VW42L

These are essential components needed to repair one backlight inverter 6632L-0448A or 6632L-0449A used in various LCD TVs such as Vizio VW42L FHDTV10A.

Repair service for 3642-0552-0150 / VW42L main board for 42' Vizio LCD TV

Repair service for main board 3642-0552-0150 / VW42L used in a number of 42'' LCD televisions by Vizio.

VIZIO VW42L VW42LHDTV10A power supply board - serviced, tested, $30 credit for old dud

If your VIZIO VW42L / VW42LHDTV0A is either completely dead or has standby but does not power on then this is likely the part you need!

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