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Repair service for Vizio M421VT main board 756TXACB5K053 / TXACB5K053 / TXACB 5K05304 / TXACB5K05304 causing dead TV or endless flashing Vizio logo or HDMI / sound problems etc.

If your Vizio M421VT LED TV is totally dead, starts slowly or fails to start chances are it needs the main board serviced or replaced.

Vizio M421VT replacement main board 756TXACB5K053 / TXACB5K05304 / 715G4365-M0G-000-005K - serviced, tested, $50 credit for old dud

A functional Vizio M421VT LED TV main board that can fix totally dead or failing to start TV. You can then return the old dud and receive refund to lower your total cost.

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