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SANYO DP42840 P42840-01 MAIN BOARD N7AM / 1LG4B10Y04600_A GOOD *** $50 CREDIT FOR OLD DUD ***

Buy, receive and install serviced and tested main board N7AM / 1LG4B10Y04600_A for Sanyo DP42840-01, then send yours back for credit.
Availability: Out of stock

Out of stock

( alternatives are available – see below )

This board is out of stock, but the following options are available:

Coppell TV Repair offers an EXCHANGE SERVICE for a tested and functional replacement for the main board N7AM (PCB identifier 1LG4B10Y04600_A or  1LG4B10Y04600_B, PWB.MAIN.N7AL) as shown on the picture and used in Sanyo DP42840 LCD TV model with chassis P42840-01.

EXCHANGE SERVICE means you will pay for a serviced (actually improved) and tested board.

Upon verifying its functionality you can send your old dud and get credit towards your original payment.


It is EXTREMELY important to verify that the board you need is indeed N7AM!

Sanyo DP42840 comes in a number of different chassis and some of them have boards that look like the one on this picture (while others are different), but the ones that look like this are not compatible with each other.

All they will have the same stamp on the PCB - PWB.MAIN.N7AL with a longer number above it, which may differ, that is not relevant.

What is relevant is the label stamped at one side of the tuner board (the box with the cable coaxial input).
It MUST say N7AM or this is NOT the listing for you!

See the image of the tuner and the label so you can verify your original board is the same!


All board serviced by us come with a standard 90 days warranty of parts and labor. Customer is responsible for return shipping and Coppell TV Repair is responsible for shipping back to customer. Returned boards subject to exchange, service or refund, subject to availability and agreement by Coppell TV Repair and customer.


Upon installing and verifying its functionality you can send your old dud and receive $50 back subject to the below conditions.

The returned module must arrive in good physical condition and without previous traces of repairs or tampering in order to qualify for the full advertised credit.

Modules that do not meed those criterias will be subjected to partial refund or no refund at all (depending on their condition and trade-in value).

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