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HITACHI P50H401A SDR-U and SDR-D upper and lower scan drives replacement set

A pair of brand new, never used scan drives for Hitachi P50H401A.

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Coppell TV Repair offers you a set of brand new, never used set of upper and lower buffer boards (also known as scan drives) SDR-U and SDR-D for use in HITACHI P50H401A.

A typical failure symptom suggesting you might need those buffer boards is to have the TV come up with sound, but no picture.

Sometimes it may not be coming up at all until you disconnect the SD board (aka Y-Main sustain board) located on the LEFT side of the TV looking from the back, from power.

A closer look at the boards themselves usually reveals one or more ICs with burned spots on them.

It is important that you ensure proper functionality of the sustain board itself prior to installing new buffers on it.

With HITACHI it is relatively rare, but it is always possible that a failed buffer board may take down the scan drive (sustain board) itself and that may result in a damage that could kill a newly installed buffer.

Finally. please make sure that the boards in your HITACHI are the same as the ones shown on the picture prior to placing an order!


90 days limited warranty.