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Repair kit for LG EAY39190301 / PSPY-J702A power supply for LG 50PG20-UA / 50PG3000-ZA / 50PG6010-ZE not turning on, bad capactiors

A repair kit for a common problem developed in the EAY39190301 / PSPY-J702A power supply and resulting in TV refusing to turn on. Check the pictures!

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Coppell TV Repair offers you a repair kit for power supply board EAY39190301 / PSPY-J702A as shown on the picture and used in a number of 50'' LG plasma televisions such as LG 50PG20-UA , LG 50PG3000-ZA, LG 50PG6010-ZE and possibly others.

Please note: do not assume you have this particular board in your TV only because it is one of the models above!

There are several compatible boards that LG is using as they see fit and your TV may have a different model, which has different issues than the ones this kit is addressing. Open the TV and find out if that is the board you have before purchasing!


Bad electrolytic capacitors in power supply board usually manifest themselves in the board refusing to come on and stay on.

Sometimes it may take a few times trying to turn the TV on before it locks in and stays reliably on.

Over time it eventually ends up refusing to come on at all.

Bad electrolytic capacitors are also often (but not always) visible to the naked eye and that is a good way of detecting them.

Use the pictures in the listing to see how bad capacitors look on the EAY39190301 / PSPY-J702A  power supply board and compare them with the ones on your board.


The kit contains higher grade replacement for 4 electrolytic capacitors that we have seen degrade on the board as shown on the pictures. Over time we may include other components to it if new information or experience suggests that is necessary.


This repair kit requires soldering skills and soldering equipment, neither of which is included.

Apply it at your own risk and use our repair or exchange service if your doubt your abilitites to perform the replacement.



Ships within 1 business days of placing an order via USPS first class mail.

Shipping price is included within USA.

Contact us if you want it shipped abroad for the extra charge. 


The kit can be returned within 14 days after receiving it for a prompt refund provided none of the components in it was soldered on a board.

There is no guarantee that the kit will resolve the problem in your TV. It is offerred based on our own experience with a common problem with the board however is in no way a promise for problem solution.

Note we also offer a repair service for EAY39190301 / PSPY-J702A as well as exchange services.