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DSC 8D-15 NTC thermistor DSC8D-15

DSC 8D-15 is an NTC power thermistor used in a number of power supply boards in plasma TVs

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Coppell TV Repair offers you one or more units of power thermistor DSC 8D-15 as shown on the picture.

We ourselves use it in our repair services of plasma TV power supply boards such as the LG EAY41360901.

When a DSC 8D-15 thermistor is burned you will usually be able to tell by the holes or the missing pieces in it.

Please note that a failure in a thermistor is an indication of a bigger problem in the board!

You should not expect to replace it and get the board working - there will usually be other power components that have failed and will need to be replaced or they will cause the newly installed thermistor to short and blow again!

If interested in obtaining a repair service for your board you can contact us and see if we can help.