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If your power BN44-00161A clicks and does not want to turn on or if it already busted one or two small transistors this is the repair kit you need!

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Coppell TV Repair offers you the essential components needed to repair the Vs tract of power supply board BN44-00161A.

The board is used in a number of Samsung plasma TV models from the HPT42 and PL42 series including, but not limited to HPT4234X, HPT4254, HPT4254X, HPT4264X, PL42C71HDPX, PL42C91HPX and PL42Q91HDPX.

The signs of failure are usually visible with naked eye in the form of burned / blown open transistors QS801 and/or QS802 and usually burned pair of resistors RS867/RS879 and/or RS878/RS862 which are closely located to the transistors at the bottom of the board.

The kit contains:

  • Transistors QS801 and QS802
  • SMD resistors RS867, RS879, RS878 and RS862 - all of the same value
  • SMD resistors  RS863 and RS868 (same value)
  • SMD diodes DS801 and DS802.

We recommend that you always replace all of the above although in our practice we've seen many boards that do not need all passive components replaced.

Diodes are especially hard to test since they are in parallel with the low-value resistors; we always replace the diode in the group with blown resistors and usually do not replace the far without problems.

Important note 1: We do not guarantee that this kit is all that you need to fix your power board. It gives you the essentials which work easily 90% of the time, but the proper diagnose and coverage of the remaining 10% even when condition is properly diagnosed are your responsibility.

Important note 2: The kit requires advanced soldering skills! A generic 60 watt soldering iron is not your best tool for this job! (although certainly possible for a very exprienced technician)  Use at your risk and if you think this is not for you, use our board repair services instead (or someone else's of course).

All parts are brand new. We use the same kit in our own repair facility.


The default shipping option for the kit is via USPS First Class Mail.