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SN755866 shift register IC for plasma sustain output buffers 6871QDH088A, 6871QDH089A, 6870QDC005A and others

FSU05A40 is a fast power diode used in a number of plasma sustain boards by Samsung and possibly other manufacturers.

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Coppell TV Repair offers you one or more integrated circuit chips SN755866 used in various plasma buffer boards such as the 6871QDH088A and 6871QDH089A buffers for 50'' plasma TVs with LG display 50X3.

For information on how to detect if your buffer board has failed please check .

Other articles in the blog can give more specific information as they may be published later than this description.

Note the FETs on those buffers usually fail first, often without a buffer IC you may want to check that before jumping into buying ICs.

Coppell TV Repair offers the transistors as well!


We do not offer warranty on components other than DOA meaning that you can return the component if you do not like the way it looks or how it tests to a meter...anything, but solder it and use it on a live circuit.

Once soldered or with cut or bent legs the resposibility for its life is too much out of our hands and we can not afford to support it.


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