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Out of stock

( alternatives are available – see below )

This board is out of stock, but the following options are available:

Coppell TV Repair LLC offers T-CON board BN97-07505A / BN96-28959A as shown in the picture and used in a long list of Samsung LED TVs (see below).

The boards we sell come from brand new TVs with broken screens that we bought in bulk from the biggest national retailer back in end of 2015.

All boards are taken from brand new TVs with damaged LCD panels that arrived in original boxes, with foil still on bezel and manufacturing dates within months of us receiving them.

Boards were tested and are guaranteeed to be functional.


Unless otherwise explicitly stated elsewhere in the listing the boards we sell come with a standard 90 days warranty.

Customer is responsible for return shipping and Coppell TV Repair LLC is responsible for shipping back to customer. Returned boards subject to exchange, service or refund, subject to availability and agreement by Coppell TV Repair LLC and customer.

Returned boards must carry the Coppell TV Repair LLC identification stamp or label and must not have been damaged, modified or otherwise tampered with in order for warranty coverage to remain in force.

Boards returned with request for refund / order cancellation will be subject to restocking fee covering forward shipping cost, transaction cost and $10 fee for the board testing needed prior to slating it for sale again.


Products will usually ship on the next business day after purchase is placed and paid. Unexpected delays may occur. If you do not receive a tracking number or message from us within 3 business days after purchasing please contact us.

When shipping method is specified during payment it is our first choice to utilize that method for shipping.
Yet sometimes it is not possible or may result in delays, e.g. a late Friday FedEx shipping of inexpensive and durable product may have a chance of being shipped in Friday than the following Monday; in such cases we reserve the right to substitute FedEx Ground with USPS Priority and, in some very rare cases, USPS First Class service. If shipping costs differ significantly you are in your right to contact and request price adjustment.

When shipping option for the order is "Free shipping" we will usually utilize cheapest available method.
See below for important disclaimer regarding the USPS First Class Mail packages.

    We do not advertise delivery time and do not take responsibility for delays to packages as long as tracking information proves they have been shipped in a timely manner by us.

    Be advised that the following delivery services are NOT insured per USPS policy:

    • Domestic: USPS First Class;
    • International: First-Class Package International™, Priority Mail International® Flat Rate Envelopes and Priority Mail International® Small Flat Rate Boxes; services to some countries may also not be covered, for details read the USPS article on the subject.

    What this means is that if you choose any of the above services as your delivery method you agree to hold us free of claims against loss of value should your package gets damaged or lost in the carrier system as long as the tracking information by the carrier shows the package was accepted by them and processed into their system.

    Samsung TV models this board is used in:

    • Samsung HG55AB690QJXXR
    • Samsung HG55AB690QJXZK
    • Samsung HG55AB690QWXXD
    • Samsung HG55AB690QWXXL
    • Samsung HG55AB690QWXXM
    • Samsung HG55AB690QWXXP
    • Samsung HG55AB690QWXXS
    • Samsung HG55AB690QWXXT
    • Samsung HG55AB690QWXXV
    • Samsung HG55AB690QWXXY
    • Samsung HG55AB690QWXZN
    • Samsung LH55EDDPDGC/XL
    • Samsung LH55EDDPLGC/CI
    • Samsung LH55EDDPLGC/EN
    • Samsung LH55EDDPLGC/NG
    • Samsung LH55EDDPLGC/UE
    • Samsung LH55EDDPLGC/XD
    • Samsung LH55EDDPLGC/XF
    • Samsung LH55EDDPLGC/XL
    • Samsung LH55EDDPLGC/XM
    • Samsung LH55EDDPLGC/XP
    • Samsung LH55EDDPLGC/XS
    • Samsung LH55EDDPLGC/XT
    • Samsung LH55EDDPLGC/XY
    • Samsung LH55EDDPLGC/ZA
    • Samsung LH55EDDPLGC/ZW
    • Samsung LH55EDDPLGV/ZD
    • Samsung UA55F6100AJXXR
    • Samsung UA55F6100AJXXZ
    • Samsung UA55F6100AKXKE
    • Samsung UA55F6100AKXXA
    • Samsung UA55F6100AMXHC
    • Samsung UA55F6100AMXRD
    • Samsung UA55F6100AMXSQ
    • Samsung UA55F6100AMXZW
    • Samsung UA55F6100ARXRQ
    • Samsung UA55F6100ARXSJ
    • Samsung UA55F6100ARXSW
    • Samsung UA55F6100ARXTW
    • Samsung UA55F6100ARXUM
    • Samsung UA55F6100ARXXM
    • Samsung UA55F6100ARXXT
    • Samsung UA55F6100ARXXV
    • Samsung UA55F6100ARXZN
    • Samsung UA55F6100AWXMV
    • Samsung UA55F6300AJXXR
    • Samsung UA55F6300AMPXD
    • Samsung UA55F6300AMXRD
    • Samsung UA55F6300AMXXS
    • Samsung UA55F6300AMXXY
    • Samsung UA55F6300ARXXM
    • Samsung UA55F6300ARXXV
    • Samsung UA55F6400AJXXR
    • Samsung UA55F6400AJXZK
    • Samsung UA55F6400AKXXA
    • Samsung UA55F6400AMPXD
    • Samsung UA55F6400AMXHC
    • Samsung UA55F6400AMXRD
    • Samsung UA55F6400AMXXS
    • Samsung UA55F6400AMXXY
    • Samsung UA55F6400AMXZW
    • Samsung UA55F6400ARLHE
    • Samsung UA55F6400ARLSG
    • Samsung UA55F6400ARLXL
    • Samsung UA55F6400ARMHE
    • Samsung UA55F6400ARMXL
    • Samsung UA55F6400ARXEG
    • Samsung UA55F6400ARXRQ
    • Samsung UA55F6400ARXTW
    • Samsung UA55F6400ARXUM
    • Samsung UA55F6400ARXXM
    • Samsung UA55F6400ARXXP
    • Samsung UA55F6400ARXXT
    • Samsung UA55F6400ARXZN
    • Samsung UA55F6400AWXMV
    • Samsung UA55F6400DKXXT
    • Samsung UA55F6420AJXXR
    • Samsung UA55H6203AKPXD
    • Samsung UA55H6203AKXKE
    • Samsung UA55H6203AKXLY
    • Samsung UA55H6203AKXXA
    • Samsung UA55H6203AKXXS
    • Samsung UA55H6203ARXSJ
    • Samsung UA55H6203ARXTW
    • Samsung UA55H6203ARXUM
    • Samsung UA55H6203ARXWT
    • Samsung UA55H6203ARXZN
    • Samsung UA55H6203AWPXD
    • Samsung UA55H6203AWXSQ
    • Samsung UA55H6203EKXXA
    • Samsung UE55F6100AKXRU
    • Samsung UE55F6100AKXUA
    • Samsung UE55F6100AKXXU
    • Samsung UE55F6100AKXZT
    • Samsung UE55F6100AWXBT
    • Samsung UE55F6100AWXTK
    • Samsung UE55F6100AWXUZ
    • Samsung UE55F6100AWXXH
    • Samsung UE55F6100AWXXN
    • Samsung UE55F6100AWXZF
    • Samsung UE55F6100AWXZG
    • Samsung UE55F6105AKXXE
    • Samsung UE55F6170SSXXH
    • Samsung UE55F6170SSXZG
    • Samsung UE55F6320AKXXU
    • Samsung UE55F6320AWXXC
    • Samsung UE55F6320AWXXH
    • Samsung UE55F6320AWXXN
    • Samsung UE55F6320AWXZF
    • Samsung UE55F6320AYXZT
    • Samsung UE55F6340SSXZG
    • Samsung UE55F6345SBXXE
    • Samsung UE55F6400AKXRU
    • Samsung UE55F6400AKXUA
    • Samsung UE55F6400AKXXH
    • Samsung UE55F6400AKXXU
    • Samsung UE55F6400AWXUZ
    • Samsung UE55F6400AWXXC
    • Samsung UE55F6400AWXXH
    • Samsung UE55F6400AWXXN
    • Samsung UE55F6400AWXZF
    • Samsung UE55F6400AYXZT
    • Samsung UE55F6470SSXTK
    • Samsung UE55F6470SSXXH
    • Samsung UE55F6470SSXZG
    • Samsung UE55F6475SBXXE
    • Samsung UE55H6203AKXKZ
    • Samsung UE55H6203AKXMS
    • Samsung UE55H6203AKXRU
    • Samsung UE55H6203AKXUA
    • Samsung UE55H6203AKXUZ
    • Samsung UE55H6203AKXXU
    • Samsung UE55H6203AKXZT
    • Samsung UE55H6203AWXXC
    • Samsung UE55H6203AWXXH
    • Samsung UE55H6203AWXXN
    • Samsung UE55H6203AWXZF