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6871QYH051P / 6870QYH002P LG YSUS board - working, credit for old sustain board

LG 6871QYH051P YSUS used in LG 42PX4D, LG 42PX5D, LG DU-42PX12X, MAXENT MX-42MXM11 P420142X2 and other 42'' plasma televisions

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Coppell TV Repair offers you an EXCHANGE SERVICE for your defecive LG Y-sustain module 6871QYH051P as shown on the picture.

EXCHANGE SERVICE means you will pay for a serviced and tested module that is 100% compatible with yours. Upon verifying its functionality you can send your old dud and get credit towards your original payment.

The module will be shipped within 1 business days of receiving an order.

Upon installing and verifying its functionality you can send your old dud and receive $30 back subject to the below conditions (make sure to read them!).

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask!


There are different manifestation of a YSUS failure depending on how it failed (shorted out, opened completely or partially failed - neither shorted nor blown open) and almost all of them can also be caused by other failures too.

Dark screen, flashing screen, TV refusing to power on are probably the most common ones.

The best way to know your 6871QYH051P has failed is to find a blown fuse on it - usually FS152 located on top of the power connector P151.
You can't visually see if the fuse is open, at least the original fuses used on the boards are ceramic and the wire inside can not be seen, so you will need to use an ohm-metter or other continuity tester.
If the TV doesn't want to come up when the board is connected, but comes on and stays on (even with dark screen) when the board is disconnected from power then this is another reliable indication it has a problem and needs to be serviced or replaced.


All board serviced by us come with a standard 90 days warranty of parts and labor. Customer is responsible for return shipping and Coppell TV Repair is responsible for shipping back to customer. Returned boards subject to exchange, service or refund, subject to availability and agreement by Coppell TV Repair and customer.


The returned module must arrive in good physical condition and without previous traces of repairs or tampering in order to qualify for the full advertised credit.

Modules that do not meed those criterias will be subjected to partial refund or no refund at all (depending on their condition and trade-in value).