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PN096S3 shift register IC for LJ41-08594A / LJ92-01739A YSUS buffer board RCA 42PQ30 & others

This is IC PN096S3 used in various plasma Y driver buffer boards.

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PN096S3 is an output shift register ICs used in plasma sustain buffer boards to activate the selected horizontal lines of the plasma grid.

It is used in Samsung buffer board LJ41-08594A / LJ92-01739A found in various plasma TVs.

Soldering this IC requires a good deal of skill and proper equipment.

Because of that, and because repairing high voltage / high power circuits always carries the risk of failure and new damage we are not offering any warranty for those components.

They are sold as brand new to us and they look and feel brand new.

You may want to check if we offer a repair service for the board you need this IC for and if we do then you may choose it and get the safety of a warranty that comes with our repairs.


We ship every business day. For small items like this we normally use USPS First Class service as the lowest cost one that does the job.


We do not offer warranty and returns for this product.