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Literati for Palm OS

Requirements: Palm OS 5 and higher

Price: $4.95

A Scrabble®-like text game, replicated directly from the Yahoo! game zone, Literati was especially designed to look and feel like Scrabble, but still be different enough to avoid copyright lawsuits.

To play the game, several different components must be installed:
1) Program file
(Download to RAM or media card)
Download program file

2) Device-dependant graphics (skin):
(Download one file to RAM or media card)
320x320 pixels display skin
320x320 pixels high contrast
320x480 pixels display skin

3) BEIKS LexLib spell-checking library:
(this one MUST go to main device memory!)
Download LexLib

4) Word lists:
(at least one; MUST go to RAM as well)
100,000 words American English
Scrbl 100,000 word list