Posted: 5 years ago Quote #37
Just want to give Bobby a huge thank you for your assist in diagnosing my LG issue as a Z Sus board.  I put TV back together last night and did a test run before putting the back panel on.  Sure is a great feeling when that "No Signal" comes right up, flipping inputs to Ant. channel 4-1 brought the full 720p of plasma beauty.
All other blog sight troubleshooting was leading to Y Sus and/or Y Buffer, however my symptoms where a little different.  The sound was still good and screen was "nearly" all black.  About 10% of screen was blotchy but still visible.  That alone was a huge difference from all problems I saw out there on the web.  I recommend Coppell TVRepair, as I got a good warranty period on the replacement board, and respect these guy's hard-core professionalism and high expectation for attention to detail.