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BEIKS English Dictionary Gold for BlackBerry
  Requirements: BlackBerry OS 4.2 and higher

Price: $4.95

NOTE: If you haven't done so yet, along with the dictionary database files available for download through the blue download button above you should also download a dictionary reader.

For optimal user experience on the two BlackBerry platforms (keyboard or touch screen) the dictionary reader comes as two options for download:

If you have troubles identifying the right download link, please contact our support email providing your BlackBerry device model.

Product description: While reading, writing or simply communicating, we come across new or forgotten words and expressions all the time.
Was it harrass or harass? Recieve or receive?
Priviledge or privilege? And what exactly does unabridged mean?

The BEIKS English Dictionary is a compact and handy helper to the hungry and always improving minds.
Hundreds of thousands mobile users across all major mobile platforms are enjoying it since 1999 and now that it is available for RIM's BlackBerry so can you!